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Sitework Supplier Inc. Can Supply All Your Sand Needs in Florida
There are many types of sand, and each category is for a specific purpose. Most often, the sand in Florida is categorized by particular use. The three sand classifications most used are fine, medium and course. The following list is the various types of sand and the types of jobs they are commonly used for:

Septic sand is used for asphalt, masonry and concrete construction jobs.
Paver sand or 250 Sand is the sand used mostly used for the joint between pavers before the finished product is applied.
Perk sand is used around septic systems, wastewater treatment systems, and drain fields.
Beach sand contains small shell particles and is used in horse stalls.
Silicia sand provides extra strength and is used in sandblasting and on golf course tees and greens.
Mason sand is found in horseshoe pits and playground areas.
Concrete sand is used in ready-mix concrete and for brick and stucco work.

Sitework Supplier Inc. is the contractor supplier of any sand needed for any project. The team will be able to advise you on the best type of sand for your specific project.

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