Sitework is defined as any part of a construction project that is not part of a building or homes physical structure. Typically, sitework involves grading, excavation, construction and installation of driveways, roadways, elevation of land and rock placement to assist in erosion control. Often the sitework being provided includes the initial grading and clearing of the land. Dump trucks are used to haul vegetation off the site and bring back fill dirt, base material, rock, rip rap or many other materials in an effort to stabilize the project prior to the construction phase of an actual building, home or bridge.  Many road projects require a vast array of material to be brought in with the first typically being fill dirt to raise the elevation of the project.  Sitework is performed for many projects such as airport runways, water treatment plants, landfill projects, federal, state, county and city road projects, parking lots, bridge construction and restoration projects just to name a few. Typically,contractors have a set of engineered plans for projects and the plans list the materials and quantities needed as well as any special properties these materials must contain. The staff at Sitework Supplier can assist in making sure the material selections are in line with the scope and requirements of the project at hand.