Aggregates & Quarry Materials

With materials located in over 25 quarries, mines, port locations and on rail service we will work diligently to get you the material closest to your job location that meets or exceeds the specifications for your job. We can arrange for delivery of your materials in a cost effective and efficient time frame. Many of our materials have lab reports and testing results available to ensure our materials meet or exceed the project specifications.


Our affiliation with many subcontractors and suppliers enables us to pair up contractors with those holding various minority status to assist in obtaining credits for your project.  Some of those certifications are DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) M/WBE (Minority Women Owned Business) SBC (Small Business Certification) City of West Palm Beach small business certification, The School District of Palm Beach County Minority and Women Business Enterprise.  The cities of Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Hollywood and other areas within Broward County recognize CBE (County Business Enterprise) and the Broward County Public Schools have a Supplier Diversity and Outreach Program that also recognizes the Minority and Women Owned Business (M/WBE). Another program in Palm Beach Countyis the Office of Small Business Assistance, Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprise and covers Palm Beach County including the cities of West Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton just to name a few.

Pavement Maintenance

We are pleased to offer the “complimentary appraisal” service with a  Length of Life Left Survey (L3) assessment on your current parking areas, private roads, parking lots, retail spaces, private neighborhoods and more. This will include providing the client with a list of current issues, estimated life left, and a “current day” cost to replace and or repair to assist in the budgeting for future work. Commercial Parking lots, banks, apartment buildings, subdivision roads, site work, mobile home parks, commercial, industrial, warehouse parking lots, churches, schools, industrial areas and more.

Transportation, Hauling, Grading and Excavation

17, 18, 21 cubic yard trucks~10-24 ton trucks Earth moving equipment in various sizes Most often our materials are delivered by the ton and our staff will work with you to determine a per ton, per cubic yard or per load price to assist you in budgeting correctly for your materials and transportation costs for the job as well as spreading the material as needed.  The customer will always receive a “scale ticket” listing the driver, the materials and the amount of materials placed in the truck and brought to the job site.  The majority of our facilities are equipped with scales, allowing you to know exactly how much material is being delivered because when the material is scaled you will receive a print out of the tonnage in the truck. This is done by weighing the truck on the way in and again on the way out. Both numbers appear on the “scale ticket”. Some materials take up more volume yet actually weigh less than a traditional load of some materials. Our washed and crushed shell is a perfect example of this.  A member of our team will be happy to explain this to you and provide calculations in an easily understandable format.


Drainage is typically one of the first issues addressed when beginning a project.  We specialize in knowing how to adapt the elevation, bring in proper materials to facilitate drainage and run off, all while keeping in mind the  look, reliability and dependability of the finished project.  Hardscapes are the part of the sites grounds having non-plant elements, such as structures, patios, retaining walls, walkways and more made with hard matters, such as pavers, stone, concrete and other hard materials.  Landscaping is typically the last thing done after the sitework is completed and compliments the project in an aesthetic way. PROJECTS WE’VE SUPPLIED MATERIALS FOR: Landfills, airport runways, water treatment facilities, schools, churches, parking lots, residential & commercial construction, purchasing departments for cities, counties, municipalities and the FDOT and State of Florida, marinas, port jobs, rail jobs, pipe and ditch work, bridge work & construction, road construction, pools, foundations, retaining walls, retention ponds, site work, subdivision infrastructure, utility contractors and constructors and the list goes on and on!