Shell rock is a very common material used in many projects throughout Florida.  It’s a shell based material often used for commercial road base as well as FDOT RODE BASE.  FDOT approves many of the shell rock based materials for it’s projects.  These shell rock materials are great for roads, driveways, parking lots and so much more.  Often referred to as SUB BASE the shell materials offer great drainage, a durable hard surface and an easy material to work with.  The LBR on these materials all exceed 100 and often times are in excess of 140 and up.  The materials that are FDOT certified we have the testing reports on and any other documentation you may need.  We also carry a commercial road base which is exactly the same as the FDOT Road base, just without the certification for non FDOT projects.

Shell rock is also one of the primary products in our bank run shell and stabilizer products.  Please call Sitework Supplier to discuss what you need from the products and we can discuss with you the differences in the materials to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Common Names: Washed Shell, Crushed Shell, Cultch, Oyster Bed Restoration Materials, Oyster Reef Replacement Materials, small washed shell, medium washed shell, large washed shell, small crushed shell, turkey grit, medium crushed shell, large crushed shell.

Common Uses:
Cart paths, driveways, landscapes, aquariums, bike paths, decorative, planting areas, parking lots. Very decorative in nature.

Types of Washed Shell & Crushed Shell