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Common Names: Marl, white fill, regular fill, premium fill, top soil and occasionally bank run shell is used as fill if the project needs stabilization.

Common Uses: Artificially changes the grade and elevation for house pads, commercial projects, road construction and many types of development and site work. Alters levels for aesthetics purposes, and elevation purposes. Often used to construct and build up berms, shoulders, and embankments. Create slopes, foundations and a base for projects prior to vertical construction.

Description: Should be free from organics. Organic matter will decompose and create pockets of empty space resulting in settling, thus causing structural damage later after project completion. Often contains, sand, rocks, stone. Fill containing organic matter is referred to as top soil most often for planting, landscaping and design. Fill dirt is often required to have an LBR rating according to the project plans.


Fill, Dirt, Fill Dirt and subsoil are some of the common names for the material that is used to fill a depression in the ground, raise the elevation or alter the grade of a piece of land. Typically used to elevate property prior to construction of a home, commercial building, roadway or other construction project.  Fill dirt is the material that is typically located below the topsoil level of the ground.  Top soil is generally the first few inches of material that contains organic material and nutrients most often used for plantings, landscaping and the material layer used directly below sod or grass. Fill Dirt typically has a minimum LBR (Lime Rock Bearing Ratio) of 40 or higher.  Often fill dirt will have an LBR of 60, 80 and sometimes higher.  It’s important that fill dirt be free from organics to prevent settling of structures at a later point once the organics break down they can cause air pockets. Many new buildings you see going up have large amounts of fill dirt brought in by dump trucks to elevate the construction site to aide in drainage and elevation.  Fill dirt is also used under road ways and parking lots as a sub base prior to road base being brought in for compaction purposes.  Fill dirt is a perfect material to alter elevation, assist with low lying areas that collect water and even out areas that may have drainage issues.

Types of Fill & Dirt