Landscaping with Crushed Sea Shells


When looking for new ways to add a decorative touch to your Florida home and garden, the addition of crushed sea shells to landscaping can be a great way to bring a little bit of the coast to your yard.
The landscaping that surrounds a home is best when it reflects the area you have chosen to reside in. There are few places in the United States that are more well known for their beaches than Florida, which is why Site Work Supplier, Inc offers crushed shells for commercial and residential projects.
Crushed shells are versatile and can be used in many landscaping projects.
• To spruce up garden paths
• Dividing garden beds
• In the place of mulch
• As decorative borders
• To create a beach-like feeling around the patio
• Line the bottom of pools and ponds
• Any many more.
Crushed Shell Gardening Ideas
When using crushed shells to add a beautiful accent to your garden, there are ways to add extra touches to make your yard stand out.
• Consider using dark sea shells to contrast with beds of light colored flowers, and light colored crushed shells to compliment flowers in darker shades
• Use crushed shells to create a lovely compliment to an outdoor fountain
• Choose seashell colors that compliment the color of the home or structure.
No matter the quantity or natural color of crushed shells desired, the professionals at Site Work Supplier, Inc can provide exactly what you require. Contact the number one provider of residential and commercial landscaping supplies in all of Florida: Site Works Suppliers, Inc.

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